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Factors To Consider When Creating A Gaming Pc



One of the most intriguing forms of entertainment in the 21st Century is computer gaming that came along with the introduction of computers and artificial intelligence. There are different combinations of elements that work simultaneously to deliver and perfectly render the  image and visual representation of the what the producer originally intended to display.


Power and Cost


Before assembling necessary parts of our pc, we need to consider the power which we intend to produce relative to our budget. Power in a gaming pc build depends on the Central Processing Unit frequency. The best processor frequencies are in the extremes of 6.0 to 8.429GHz and come with huge prices. If the budget is high then and the intended gaming pc supposed to be very powerful, one will require to purchase a processor with high frequencies for example the AMD Bulldozer-based FX chips or the NVidia Processors.  The price of such CPU would be close to a 1000$ . For lower costs and above average performance , one can choose to purchase a CPU with a range of 4 to 6 GHz frequencies. There are cheaper and functional processors which are the most common in the gaming pc market and have had to be overclocked to achieve better performance using respective Overclocking Software. This would have to be priced at around 500$ and will achieve medium and low performance. 




The power depends on the amount of Ram that we intend to install in the gaming PC. Ram comes in two forms, the Ram that separated from the CPU and the Vram That is a component of the CPU. Ram is memory for general computer processes while the Vram is memory used in the rendering of games. This affects the PC performance and is our prime focus here.  Of course a Ram of 32 GB will satisfy all gaming levels of resolution but the Video presentation of the game depends on the Vram.  You can as well read at http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_monitor.


High end gaming PCs have video memory chips with 8 Gb to 16 Gb , the medium have 4 to 6 Gb and  the low 2Gb video memory chips. There is the class of CPUs that come without GPUs. These are mostly Intel Processors that don't have dedicated video memory.  It is vital to ensure that the CPU core comes with a GPU if we have the intention to build a BLD gaming PC that can play the games in the recent past and future market.


Peripheral and Other Components.


The processors mentioned above require peripheral devices such as a Monitor to output the processed data.  Monitors come with categories of size of the screen, the quality and definition of the end product and other additions such as curved monitors. For better appeal, monitors with 4k resolution and 1080p definitions are a better choice with 720p monitors having above average definition. Other important components are the input devices such as keyboards , gaming mouses and game controllers. These are relatively cheap and one should aim to achieve comfort and style.